But what if I’m just not that inspiring?

A Chemical Orthodoxy

For some reason my Facebook feed has been dominated by little videos from the DfE advertising teaching as a career. They’re all quite similar, featuring some young, fresh and sparkly eyed 20-something talking about how wonderful teaching is as a career. They use words like “inspire” and phrases like “make a difference.” Fantastic. Teachers inspire students. They inspire them to love a subject, to passionately delve into its higher realms, to transcend the constraints of their low-expectation-filled backgrounds, to be their best possible selves and to stand on chairs and call “oh captain my captain!” Students across the UK are apparently guided and coached by charismatic and dynamic teachers who are up to date with the latest trends, fashionably nerdy and infinitely approachable for when they’ve just got to have that “deep meaningful chat” with all the feels. Brilliant.

I think a lot of people have probably pointed out that…

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