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Comparing A-level Physics 2015

The exam boards have published their draft specifications for the A-level sciences – albeit with huge caveats about them not yet being accredited by Ofqual. @Bio_Joe has helpfully put together a comparison for the A-level biology specs, so I’ve used his basic structure … Continue reading

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Sorry… I’m a Primary School teacher… and I don’t mind levels.

Originally posted on Ramblings of a Teacher:
I happen to think that National Curriculum levels are okay. There, I said it. Not perfect, but not quite the work of the devil, either. It’s true that their use has too often…

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Testing & assessment – have we been doing the right things for the wrong reasons?

A curious peculiarity of our memory is that things are impressed better by active than by passive repetition. I mean that in learning (by heart, for example), when we almost know the piece, it pays better to wait and recollect … Continue reading

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Internal Assessment Fictions

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So, farewell then, National Curriculum Levels…

Originally posted on Distant Ramblings on the Horizon:
Some very short thoughts and some questions on the demise of levels. Quo  vadis KS2 SATS? I mean, if there’s no such thing as nationally benchmarked levels, what’s the point? How will…

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The Death of Levels. But what do we pretend now? – Tom Bennett – Blog

Levels are toast. It’s considered ignoble to celebrate another’s defeat or demise, but excuse me if I turn up at this wake in a clown suit, doing the robot and yodelling. Today the DfE announced, in their casual, oh did … Continue reading

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Controlled Assessments – my experiences

Originally posted on The Modern Miss:
Following the announcement by Michael Gove that, in future, GCSEs will no longer have a coursework element, the reaction from teachers has been swift and vocal. In the main, the comments have been negative,…

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