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Blogposts for the Fortnight Ending 31st December 2014

Parenting & schooling. December 31, 2014 #Nurture1415: my contributionDecember 31, 2014 Keeping it simple in 2015December 31, 2014 Micro-Ambition December 31, 2014 Making the Seating Plan WorkDecember 31, 2014 Last post of 2014 … – JustMathsDecember 31, 2014 #Nurture1415 December 31, 2014 How … Continue reading

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Parenting & schooling.

Originally posted on bjpren:
I am stirred into action today by @jarlathobrien’s post here. I have no issue with whether children should be taught in mainstream or special, as that’s a decision that should be initially made by parents, then…

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#Nurture1415: my contribution

Originally posted on Teaching at the edge of chaos:
My best bits from 2014. 1. Becoming a father My darling daughter Erin joined the world in May. The last 7 and a bit months have been an amazing adventure, she’s…

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Keeping it simple in 2015

Originally posted on Reflecting English:
Image: @jasonramasami Armed with a cup of tea and a tin of chocolate biscuits, I have finally made the decision to sit down and write this reflection. The watery sunlight of 2014 is quickly disappearing…

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Originally posted on barrydunn:
Or…What I learnt from Tim Minchin about teaching. Tim Minchin did a wonderful speech to graduates at UWA which can be found here. His point about Micro-ambition really got me thinking about big dreams and goals…

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Making the Seating Plan Work

I first designed the interactive seating plan in my NQT year, 2012. I have since developed this through three different versions to the current version 3. Over ten thousand teachers have downloaded a version and use the interactive seating plan both within the UK … Continue reading

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Last post of 2014 … – JustMaths

This will be the last post of 2014 and oh boy what a year is has been! I’ve done the #nurture thing for the last two years and reading back on the previous efforts makes me cringe. I can’t believe … Continue reading

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Originally posted on timjumpclarke:
Time management and prioritising can often be a challenge for me (hence why I am only getting round to writing this blog on 30th December!) These are two themes that will keep recurring both through my…

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How we learn – a change of approach to teaching academic PE

Originally posted on drowningintheshallow:
I have read a great deal in 2014, but no one book has had more impact on changing my teaching practice then ‘How we learn’ by Benedict Carey. Carey is a health and science writer, currently…

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Originally posted on mrbunkeredu:
earworm ˈɪəwəːm/ noun  a catchy song or tune that runs continually through someone’s mind. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the sensation of the ‘earworm’. It’s that one song, or usually fragment of a song that…

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