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Assessing the use and misuse of Newly Qualified Teachers – Education Datalab blog

Last Thursday at the Festival of Education, Sam Sims and I presented new research from our forthcoming book, The Teacher Gap, on the small number of schools that appear to be knowingly running a… Continued here:

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Correspondence between a panda and a textbook author

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Dear Humanity, I am a 225lb panda living in Gansu, China. I’d like to draw your attention to the rapidly decreasing habitat in which I and my fellow black-and-whities reside. My main concern is the…

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Developing a Thinkiness scale

Originally posted on Making Learners Extraordinary ™:
At the Extraordinary Learning Foundation™ we have developed a number of ways of making Thinkiness visible such as this one: And also this one: These express Thinkiness as a provocative verb construct. A doing. However,…

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Best year and a half ever of ed writing? Hess, Willingham pile on.

Originally posted on A Total Ed Case:
Not to turn this into ‘A Total Ed Book Case’ or anything, but I quickly have to recommend a couple more titles before I get back to the types of ed things I’m usually (if infrequently)…

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One in Eight (thousand)

A warm Sunday morning in May. I’m up (too) early and heading off to my local football ground. Its cup-final day for the local youth leagues and I shall be officiating in a couple of games, first as an assistant … Continue reading

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Never Let Me Go

Originally posted on Until I Know Better:
? At which stage in a topic do you stop modelling examples? I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest the answer is probably….too soon. I’m going to go further and suggest that the…

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5 useful online resources for English teachers

Originally posted on Othmar's Trombone:
There are a number of resources I return to again and again online, in order to either find useful texts for pupils to read, or to deepen my contextual knowledge of texts. Here are…

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What I’m reading at the moment…

My shelf is groaning under the large pile of books I have recently bought to develop my subject knowledge prior to starting teacher training. I have a broad range of tomes awaiting my attention, encompassing pedagogy (Dylan William’s “Embedded formative … Continue reading

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Double-Barrelled Learning for Young & Old

Originally posted on 3-Star learning experiences:
Paul A. Kirschner & Mirjam Neelen When accompanying text with images, a learner learns better. However, this only works when they are combined properly!  A good combination of words and images facilitates learning. This is…

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