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Outstanding, coasting schools? Unsatisfactory roller coasting schools? – Education Datalab blog

Ofsted judgements. Floor standards. Coasting schools. Schools are going to be subject to multiple accountability judgements at once. This might be helpful, ensuring no school falls between the… Continued here:

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A Call for Accuracy

Originally posted on thinkingreadingwritings:
Disagree if you like, but let’s get the facts right. One thing that I have enjoyed about Twitter and blogging is the constructive educational debates that occur from time to time. I am grateful for the feedback…

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Teaching tolerance: how RE teachers can lead the way in challenging homophobic attitudes in schools – Teach First

Earlier this month we hosted a conference bringing together educators from across the RE teaching community to discuss how we can instil young people with the skills and confidence to work with people from different backgrounds, free from prejudice. Among … Continue reading

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Exciting Sentences – a word of caution

Originally posted on Alan Peat's Blog:
Almost thirty years ago I was discussing alliteration with a group of Year 6 pupils. We looked at examples in both prose and poetry. Later that week I was reading a piece by…

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For those who have not had the opportunity to experience EdFest firsthand, I would definitely recommend it as something to flag up as part of your personal CPD. Regardless of what you feel you learn from the talks you go … Continue reading

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Survive and Thrive as a New Teacher | Teacher Support Network

With so many disturbing statistics like 1 in 4 teachers will quit the profession within their first 5 years of teaching, or the number of politicians referring to the high number of failing and coasting schools, you might be forgiven … Continue reading

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Academic Manager Scenarios – Questions

Originally posted on Simple English ~ Nicola Prentis:
Not all summer schools offer a decent induction — even for managers. Especially for managers in some cases. Being a DOS or Academic Manager at a summer school presents probably more challenges than…

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