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Emaths – An Ofsted Outstanding Mathematics Lesson

I have this little theory.  The Ofsted criteria is not responsible for most of the dumbed down teaching that I see when I visit schools.  In fact, it is far more likely to be the head teacher’s screwed up interpretation … Continue reading

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The Cylons are coming!!

Originally posted on Your Mileage May Vary:
So last August I started worrying about our upcoming Ofsted visit. The GCSE debacle hit us hard and our key indicators tanked. This would mean our Raise report would turn into a red…

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The week that Ofsted came…

Originally posted on @foxymusiced Blog:
As a school we had been expecting a visit all year. Hit massively by the AQA debacle last summer our results had unfairly tanked. A pupil from year 11 robbed of his opportunity of an…

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Minions of Ofsted Part 3: The Consultants

Originally posted on The Long Walk:
In two earlier posts (see 1 & 2) I argued that school managers who rely on a ‘progress week’ of Ofsted style lesson observations or managers who try to formalise learning walks are ineffective…

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A Brief Comment on OFSTED and Teacher Talk

Originally posted on Scenes From The Battleground:
One of the recurring themes of my looks at OFSTED has been their blanket hostility to teachers actually talking. OFSTED guidance for PE states that inadequate teaching  involves “too much teacher talk” (from…

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Dementors at the Gates

When you’ve got the Secretary of State for Education in England acknowledging concerns about Ofsted’s consistency in inspections and someone as well-connected as his former special adviser, Sam Freedman, saying similar things, then you know that the frustrations of teachers and headteachers at the … Continue reading


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More OFSTED Good Practice that isn’t

Originally posted on Scenes From The Battleground:
I have blogged before about the OFSTED good practice videos and how they, at best, show a very limited range of often mediocre practice, and at worst, show some really trendy rubbish (flip cameras…

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