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Not basic

Originally posted on Filling the pail:
Embed from Getty Images Project Follow Through was set up in the late 1960s and represents the largest educational experiment that has ever been conducted. It followed a ‘horse race’ design. Different groups of…

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The Chartered College Of Not Actually Teaching

Originally posted on Scenes From The Battleground:
You may be aware that there is a government subsidised “Chartered College” that was set up to help develop teacher professionalism. However, unlike some professions, the teaching profession’s biggest obstacle to being treated…

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How a smörgåsbord of learning in lower phases might be contributing to high exclusion rates in secondary schools

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Neuroscience of habits vs. EYFS: even more ways to disadvantage the disadvantaged child

Originally posted on The Quirky Teacher:
This blog post goes beyond the usual consideration of, for example, cognitive load theory, or the need for explicit instruction and retrieval practice in reception year and into the realms of the neuroscience of…

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Lessons Learned

Originally posted on teaching personally:
I have been reading Brian Lightman’s book Lessons Learned: A life in education. Brian was a colleague of mine for a few years in the early 1990s and I am indebted to him for both…

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Insights from DI part 7: Instructional Formats

Originally posted on TomNeedham:
This is the seventh post looking at how ideas from Engelmann’s DI can be applied to the everyday classroom. The first six can be found here: one, two, three, four, five, six Like the last post,…

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Reducing workload and maximising progress…

Originally posted on Midland Knowledge Hub:
This is the transcript of my talk at the Midland Knowledge Hub Launch. Enjoy! Good afternoon, the first thing I’m going to talk you about this afternoon is pizza – not the Dominos/Pizza Hut…

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