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Happy New Year

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Key Objectives for KS1/2

Originally posted on Ramblings of a Teacher:
To support assessment of the new curriculum – and in line with the recommendations from the NAHT Assessment Commission’s recommendations – I have compiled lists of Key Objectives for each of the core…

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Killing off the brontosaurus, again: how can research reach further?

Originally posted on Othmar's Trombone:
Q: Which dinosaur became extinct twice? A: Brontosaurus. That’s not meant to be a joke, by the way. It’s (sort of) true. In 1877, Othniel Charles Marsh, a Professor of Palaeontology at Yale, discovered…

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Is the timetabling ‘tail’ wagging the teaching ‘dog’?

Originally posted on Esse Quam Videri:
I met a teaching friend over the holiday and she told me that at her school the timetable writer has told Heads of Department that they can no longer say how they want their…

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Practice in CPD: from eye rolls to role play

Originally posted on Until I Know Better:
This post is mostly descriptive about others’ work and ideas; little, if any, is my own work or ideas. I hope it is worth sharing. I’ve been made aware that the not-common aspects…

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Teaching is technology

Originally posted on Horatio Speaks:
” . . . I essentially am not in madness, but mad in craft.” – Hamlet Long ago, Michael Marland wrote his deservedly famous book, The Craft of the Classroom. True to its title, it…

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Visualiser for schools! Do you use a classroom visualiser? Great Advice!

Visualiser for schools Technology overall has become a fundamental teaching and learning tool in classrooms. Proectors, iPads, SMART boards, you name it, some school, some where has got it. But for me on a personal level, in my own classroom, … Continue reading

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