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Outside In: Gove – a price worth paying?

Michael Gove. Elicits strong reactions that name. From both hysterical anti-reform types as well from uncritical disciples of the #cultofGov… Continued in Outside In: Gove – a price worth paying?: Advertisements

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Why are there sheep in the front playground?? Part 1

Originally posted on moultonhei:
Our first polytunel and beds Birkenhead is not known for it’s sheep…. The judge at the Cheshire show strides purposefully towards the young shepherds nervously holding their motley ovine charges. He is clearly landed gentry, tweedy-moleskined,…

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The Great Knowledge vs Skills (Non?)Debate?

Originally posted on Creative Teacher Support:
I’m wondering if I’m alone at the moment. It’s not an existential question. I’m just considering a flurry of recent, very well written, researched and considered blog posts around both sides of a debate…

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Before You Declare ED Hirsch’s ‘Core Knowledge’ As Evil, Know This:

Originally posted on Laura McInerney:
As someone who was initially sceptical of the idea, let me reassure you: there is nothing inherently evil about ED Hirsch’s “Core Knowledge”. Go look at if for yourself. All it consists of is a…

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Why I keep Reptiles in school.

Originally posted on moultonhei:
I have been teaching Science for 13 years, and in pretty much all that time I have kept animals of one form or another in school. As a Biologist you may think this is pretty commonplace…

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How My Thinking about School Reform Has Changed over the Decades (Part 1)

Originally posted on Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice:
A few years ago, Richard Elmore asked me to write a piece about how my ideas have changed over the years. Daily experience in schools as a teacher, administrator, and…

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What’s the difference between remembering and memorising?

Originally posted on …to the real.:
Memorisation is an active process.  Remembering is passive.  At least this is my inexpert claim; I would like to hear other people’s thoughts, based on what they’ve read. Ah distinctly I remember, it was…

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