On being strict early on

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The topic of exclusions and how to deal with children who are excluded is in the media limelight at the moment and I must admit that I have been deliberately avoiding articles written on this subject. Why? I just get way too annoyed with most of what I read because the main messages about ‘more love’ and ‘more nurturing’ and ‘more resources’ seem to divert attention away from the glaringly obvious – the bad habit seeds of poor behaviour and general defiance are sown at home and it makes much more sense to pull up those weeds as soon as possible, before they become the dominant species in the magical forest that is a child’s mind. If we don’t pull up those weeds, they will eventually choke the growth of all the other beautiful knowledge plants and trees sown by the teachers. In fact, some children arrive at school with…

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  1. Gabriel Ogbeifun says:

    I am with you.

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