The Echo Chamber Blogs

These Blogs are (largely) automated and (usually) based on the spreadsheet of blogs found here. They blog posts consisting of the first few words and a link to each new blog post from a selected category of education bloggers.

Subject blogs (i.e. collecting all the education blogs written by teachers of a particular school subject, or about a particular subject).

The Art Echo Chamber  Maintained by @pennyprileszky

The Business and Economics Echo Chamber Maintained by @MintSpies

The English Echo Chamber  On Twitter:  Maintained by 

The History Echo Chamber  On Twitter:  Maintained by @teach_well

The ICT and Computing Echo Chamber  On Twitter:  Maintained by @eaglestone

The Literacy Echo Chamber  On Twitter: @LitEchoChamber Maintained by @ThinkReadTweet

The Maths Echo Chamber On Twitter:  Maintained by @Just_Maths

The PE Echo Chamber  On Twitter:  Maintained by @ImSporticus

The RE and Philosophy Echo Chamber  On Twitter @REEchoChamber Maintained by @iTeachRE

The Science Echo Chamber  On Twitter: @sciechochamber Maintained by @A_Weatherall

Sector Blogs (i.e. collecting all the blogs from a particular sector of the education system).

The FE Echo Chamber  On Twitter: @FEechochamber Maintained by @clyn40

Role blogs (i.e. collecting all the blog posts from bloggers with a particular position)

The Governor Echo Chamber  On Twitter:  Maintained by @5N_Afzal

The Headteacher Echo Chamber  On Twitter: @HTechochamber Maintained by @bekblayton


The Echo Chamber International (My personal selection of blogs from around the world, not actually based on the spreadsheet.)  On Twitter: Maintained by @big_mean_bunny

Echo Chamber Uncut All the education blogs by bloggers in or from the UK. On Twitter: @EchoChamberUncu Maintained by @oldandrewuk