The fall and rise of educational orthodoxy – 2018 revisited

Matthew Evans

Galled by my own predictable slavishness to the Gregorian calendar, I find myself reflecting on the year gone by. The whole New Year shebang is mawkish and overblown in my opinion. If we are going to celebrate new beginnings, let’s make it Spring when the world is truly re-born and we can literally and figuratively put the dark days behind us. None-the-less, my mind is drawn back and my hopes stretch ahead as 31st December approaches, so I will indulge myself briefly in the moment of review and renew.

The thread that runs through my year is the feeling that orthodoxies are being overturned across this country’s school system. Generally, I think this is a good thing. The revolution began underground through Twitter, was amplified by movements such as ResearchEd and the growing army of teacher bloggers, and hit print with a plethora of informed and readable texts which, in…

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