Lists of UK Education Blogs

I will update this as I go, but here are:

  1. The list of UK education blogs (updated February 2017).
  2. Details of the spreadsheet of blogs (August 2015).
  3. Listed with Twitter names (Dec 2014)
  4. Listed by subject (Dec 2014)
  5. Listed by job role of position (Dec 2014)
  6. Listed by region (Dec 2014)
  7. Listed by sector (Dec 2014)
  8. Listed by gender (Dec 2014)

3 Responses to Lists of UK Education Blogs

  1. Penny Swan says:

    Hi, interesting blog!
    I’m a School Librarian and I blog in that role at :
    and also with my colleague at
    would you add me to your list of education bloggers?
    I’m also on Twitter @penny swan

  2. Graham says:

    Great lists! It must have taken a long time to compile. Now there is the difficult task to know which ones are the best.

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