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Making Sense of Interventions for Children with Developmental Disorders: A guide for parents and professionals

Originally posted on John Kenny Blog:
The Arrowsmith Program’s purpose is to address specific learning difficulties through strenuous written, visual, auditory, computer and cognitive exercises, or brain training. Just this year, the Australian Education Union (AEU) hosted an event promoting…

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“It’s How We Do Gender-Equitable Teaching” – Teach Like a Champion

Erica and I just spent an hour on the phone with a group of amazing colleagues–Audrey Spencer, Becky Banton, Jomara Laboy and Francis Vernyuy–who train Peace Corps volunteers working in education in Africa- either as teachers themselves or as teacher … Continue reading

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The depressed teacher

For many years I have been recognised, in the main, as an ‘outstanding teacher’ by my peers, the LA and Ofsted. I learned from my errors, I listened to advice from those more experienced and I strove to improve my … Continue reading

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Favourite education blogger posts of 2017

2017 has been quite a year for Education bloggers. These posts have questioned my beliefs in education, they have informed me and made me think. Best of all, they have caused a ripple in Education in England. A ripple that … Continue reading

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Putting the Soul Back. Part III

Originally posted on teaching personally:
A notorious historical phrase claimed that ‘Arbeit macht Frei’. It was wrong then and it is just as wrong now. As I suggested in the previous post, the narrowing of educational objectives has been a…

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Creativity and the Kandinsky Critique

Originally posted on disengagededucator:
I think it’s fairly common for some to get the concept of creativity and creative problem solving mixed together and loaded into the one bag. I think this is a mistake. According to me they are…

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Give Them a Test

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Originally posted on As We Learn:
I once had a conversation with a student teacher about a class they were about to start teaching. Unfortunately I can’t remember the particular topic we discussed but, like all other topics in maths,…

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