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Originally posted on bennewmark:
There’s an episode in Peep Show in which Jeremy does Jury Service. Excited about the opportunity to redress societal injustice he blurts out “It’s probably some young black kid who’s been accused of stealing a bun,…

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Schools as Conservative Institutions

Originally posted on Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice:
Over the years, I have written often about the contradictory obligations that U.S. public schools face. Since the origins of tax-supported schooling in the 19th century and its surging…

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Oblique National Strategies cards

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on Othmar's Trombone:
Back in 1974, the musical innovator Brian Eno and the artist Peter Schmidt produced a deck of 113 cards called ‘Oblique Strategies’. On each card was an instruction or guidance to encourage a musician…

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The Failed Spacing Effect 30 Years Later (Part 1) – The Learning Scientists Blog

Thirty years ago, Frank N. Dempster wrote an article entitled “A Case Study in the Failure to Apply the Results of Psychological Research” (1). His case study was the spacing effect – the finding that studying information presented spaced out over … Continue reading

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The Unprofessionalisables.

Originally posted on teaching personally:
I suppose it’s just yet another Holy Grail to hope that the teaching profession in Britain might ever reach a steady state. I remember my former head teacher saying in the early nineties that henceforth…

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Donald Clark Plan B: Research shows Good Behaviour Game is constructivist nonsense

The Good Behaviour Game was touted for years by social constructivists as yet another silver bullet for classroom behaviour. Yet a large, well funded trial, across 77 schools with 3084 pupils, at the cost of £4000 per school, has shown … Continue reading

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Reformed GCSEs – are they disadvantaging the disadvantaged? – Education Datalab blog

Data from FFT Aspire’s Key Stage 4 Early Results Service suggests they may be. Continued here:

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