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Enjoyment’s Important But Not In That Way

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Should Ofsted observe lessons? – David Didau: The Learning Spy

As you may have seen, Ofsted have published a report which lays the ground work on how they might start observing lessons once more: Six models of lesson observation: an international perspective…. Continued here

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How I learn 26 names within 5 minutes

Originally posted on mrsjobaker:
I have been using this method since I was an NQT.  I am not sure how it came about, just developed over my first few weeks I think.  Mainly due to the fact that I used…

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What do we know about building new habits? – Institute for Teaching

Habit formation and wellbeing As part of our work on wellbeing, we’ve been developing our understanding of how to build new habits (and sometimes break old ones). This is a vital skill for supporting our wellbeing, much of which is … Continue reading

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Moral Grandstanding in EduTwitterland: What’s Gotten into Us?

Originally posted on Educhatter:
An eye-catching satirical cartoon, “7 Sins in the Digital World,” is now making the rounds on Twitter feeds and it packs quite a punch aimed squarely at today’s somewhat unhealthy social media habits. Seven digital platforms are…

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The Problem with Education in England

Originally posted on The World Is Maths:
Did you know England tops the world’s league table in rote memorisation? This is, most certainly and without equivocation, a bad thing. There are three main reasons this is a bad thing: 1/ It’s a…

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Crossing Cognitive Chasms With P-prims

Originally posted on e=mc2andallthat:
Crossing a cognitive chasm . . . Apparently, roughly 10% of humans still believe that the Earth is larger than the Sun. Do they believe this because they haven’t been properly educated? Possibly. Do…

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