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Let’s Think… about this for a minute

Originally posted on Filling the pail:
Embed from Getty Images I’ve been aware for some time of a programme called Let’s Think in English. It has an interesting pedigree in an area of research known as cognitive acceleration. Back in the…

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What can short standardised tests tell us about the attainment and progress of individual pupils and of schools? – Education Datalab blog

Exploring some of the problems with using commercial tests to measure pupil progress Continued here:

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Setting up a Knowledge-rich school in inner city Birmingham

Originally posted on Midland Knowledge Hub:
In the third blog in preparation for our conference, ‘What does a Knowledge-rich school look like?’  Chris Martin, the Head of School at St Thomas Aquinas in Birmingham outlines what he and his team…

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Putting theory into practice

Originally posted on Heathfield Teach Share Blog:
I love a good teaching and learning book, as anyone who has popped into my classroom or tried to find something on my desk can attest. I also really enjoy attending research conferences…

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Assessment – what are inspectors looking at?

In a previous blog, I discussed data and how it must not be the be-all and end-all of an inspection. I want to build on that and talk about assessment. Assessment – what are inspectors looking at?

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#rEDOnt – A Diamond in the . . . Ice?!?

Originally posted on Of Possible Worlds:
Despite nature’s little surprise in the form of an ice storm, researchED Ontario was a success by every measure. This installment was the fifth I’ve attended, in three different countries. I can’t say enough…

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Rethinking planning – what if we plan not to finish?

Originally posted on missdcoxblog:
Whenever I think of lesson planning, it is usually in the form of filling the lesson time with a series of ‘activities’/actions that will happen during the lesson. The activities fit neatly into the time available.…

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