Avoid a toxic school culture by being a Mythbuster

For education leaders everywhere


Toxic school cultures thrive on the rumour mill. Often we can find groups of teachers being negative about aspects of our respective schools that are not just untrue but plain and simply not right both literally and figuratively. Of course, it is important for all school leaders to listen carefully to feedback from staff and act upon it where necessary to ensure that a healthy school culture prevails and morale remains high in the interests of best serving the students and each other as education professionals.

There are a four things that I really dislike about rumours that have an adverse impact on school culture:

  1. The behaviour is often child-like. There are times when education professionals behave worse than their students. We need to stop this by first looking in the mirror at our own actions before criticizing others and we must remind each other of this.
  2. Rumours are…

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