The Start of Summer: Christmas in July

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When I was a child, the best day of the entire year would be Christmas Day. I would count down the days leading up to it for weeks in advance, growing more and more excited as time passed. The night before, on Christmas Eve, I would be desperate to go to sleep so that I could wake up early, but I was so worked up that I often counted sheep until the early hours of the morning and would wake up every half an hour after that.

As an adult, today is my Christmas Day. It’s the final day of the school year, we said goodbye to the students for six glorious weeks and wished the staff that are leaving the best of luck for the future. And then, in a dignified and mature manner, I shot out of the school like a rat up a drainpipe and joined my…

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1 Response to The Start of Summer: Christmas in July

  1. oneofhere says:

    So, in the UK you also have got six weeks summer holiday? Here it is the same. But as Germany is so vast in numbers, never the whole country goes on summer holiday at the same day. It differs between the states. (“Länder”). Today was the last day here in Hessen and for the airport in Frankfurt – which is just a few bus stops away from our home – they have forecasted chaos and much traffic this week-end.
    Your feelings I understand. After a long time under pressure you simply deserve to put your feet up and do nothing, or “to close the door behind you”. Have a nice summer holiday and relax – you deserve it.

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