Make it stick: Learning better and remembering longer..

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“Memory is the mother of all wisdom” Aeschylus

“Mastery requires both the possession of ready knowledge and the conceptual understanding of how we use it” Brown et al

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Cognitive science and research into how we learn is dominating many a blog/ twitter feed at the moment and rightly so, effective learning is our key priority as educators and anything which helps us to do this better and to understand the complex principles behind learning is of benefit to us and our students. I’ve been reading ‘Make it stick, The Science of successful learning’ by Peter Brown at al and what follows is a brief synopsis of the work of 3 cognitive scientists and shows how much of what we take as gospel about how we learn is largely a wasted effort.

Key principles:

  • All new learning requires a foundation of prior knowledge.
  • When learning is harder, it’s stronger and lasts…

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