Front-line stories. My darkest school days.


Over the years, working in a range of contexts, I’ve encountered some extraordinary scenarios that have challenged me immensely. Being a teacher isn’t always about teaching; sometimes it’s about being the person responsible for holding someone’s life together; or stopping them from harming themselves or others.  Sometimes you are just caught up in the dysfunctional chaotic worlds that your students inhabit; sometimes you can help; sometimes there’s nothing you can do.

In my career as a Teacher, Tutor, Head of Year and Deputy Head and Head, I’ve found myself dealing with situations that I’ve had no training for, with no special skills to offer and only my instincts to draw on. I’ve made lots of mistakes, crossed lots of lines and felt out of my depth many times.  Usually the support of colleagues has been on hand, essential for keeping me sane and allowing me to put things in perspective.

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