What makes a great curriculum?

On curriculum coherence and sequencing…

Joe Kirby


‘Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum, and I shall move the world’

Archimedes, 3rd century BC


 “The curriculum is the difference between failure and success in education”.

Siegfried Engelmann, 20th century AD


A great school curriculum coherently sequences the best ideas of our global civilisation.

Is this the last national curriculum? Last week, Labour proposed that academy freedoms over the curriculum should be extended to all schools. A majority of secondary schools are now academies, and can already opt out. Schools are already thinking hard about how to innovate with the school curriculum. Even before I started teaching, over the last decade a couple of things particularly sparked my thinking on the curriculum.

I was trekking in the Rift Valley, the cradle of civilisation, in Kenya in 2007 when electoral and ethnic violence erupted, killing almost 1,500 people, sparking such horrific events…

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English teacher, Deputy Headteacher, education writer
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