POWER v LOVE and the first False Dichotomy (mainly Steve Munby) at the Festival of Education

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The Festival of Education at Wellington College

Session 2

I wanted to go and see Rachel Desouza speak about turning round a difficult school. I hope that will be my next job.

It was packed and I couldn’t see the door, let alone get near or in the room.

So I went to a session that I can barely remember with people promoting themselves and talking about teaching kids in Antarctica via the web and being proud. It was probably very good for people into that sort of stuff. I’m not. About five years ago I set up a web forum for my Maths classes. It was mildly successful and certainly helped with revision, but it was a lot of work for mild reward. I’ve never really been into this stuff since. And I am sceptical about a lot of what Sugata Mitra writes. Anyway, I left as soon as…

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