Knowledge at the core: how to live an enriched life

A Chemical Orthodoxy

Mary was a super scientist. Her chosen field was the study of light and colour. She applied herself with diligence to her studies and rapidly consumed a number of textbooks. She masters the nature of light, its constituent coloured parts with their wavelengths and associated energies. She understands fully how light behaves when passing from medium to medium and could tell you exactly how light interacts with the photoreceptors at the back of your eyes, cells which convert the light into a signal interpretable by your brain. Suffice to say, there is nothing about light and colour that she does not know.

But there is one thing Mary lacks. You see Mary has lived in one room all her life. And that room is entirely black and white. Her textbooks are black and white, the desk where she works and calculates refractive indices is black and white. She has lived…

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