AfL in Science: A Symposium

A Chemical Orthodoxy

As part of a round of high stakes observations I had two separate members of SLT come to observe my lessons*. In feedback, the first called me out on something which I strongly disagreed with. Right then and there however, I couldn’t quite explain to him why it was that I disagreed; I just knew that I did. So I went away and had a think, and after my second observation I was ready:

SL: I really enjoyed the lesson, the students have clearly been working hard over time and are committed to doing well in science.

Me: That’s good to hear. (context: very difficult year 11 set in the run up to GCSE; I had taught them for 18 months)

SL: However, they didn’t really have a good answer to the question “what do you need to do to improve?” (this is the same thing the first SL had…

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