Knowledge and skills: Explicit; sequenced and, ultimately, interwoven.


It has been fascinating engaging in the debate around knowledge and skills over the last few years; I’ve made various attempts to make sense of it.  Here are some related posts:

Some knowledge-skills interplay

The progressive-traditional pedagogy tree

Drills, skills and being match fit. 

I’m a natural third-way person, uncomfortable with polarised positions.  I often find that people are closer in their views when you explore the detail of what they actually do in lessons.  An advocate of a competency -based curriculum might concede that ‘of course facts matter; of course our projects are rich with knowledge’; an advocate of a knowledge-driven curriculum might acknowledge that, ‘of course we believe in a holistic education; the learning of facts is not merely and end in itself’.

However, I’m increasingly convinced that, once the straw-men caricatures are cast aside, there’s more to this than a dismissable false dichotomy.  Even where everyone accepts that…

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