If it were that bad, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Miss White Maths

This week has seen the 2014 TeachFirst cohort return to Leeds to deliver our final presentations and pass our pearls of wisdom onto the (exhausted) 2015s.

Hearing the journeys my peers have made at their schools has been my favourite part. The passion, the sharing of strengths, the development of weaknesses and the celebration of successes has been heartwarming and I feel proud to be a part of such a wonderful team of new teachers.

I could talk about how brilliantly everyone has done in their own individual ways but the one thing that has stood out for myself and fellow participants is the way the year is sold to you is largely false. Flashback a year and I remember at this point being so tired and so saturated with knowledge that I felt like I couldn’t possibly take in any more teaching nuggets. I also felt that I couldn’t hear just…

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