A2 Predictions

Philosophy of Religion A Level

1. Hume’s understanding of miracle is flawed. Discuss.

2. The concept of disembodied existence is incoherent. Discuss

3. Critically assess theories of the use and purposes of religious language

4. Scripture is the only valid form of revelation. Discuss.

5. Critically assess Ayer’s theory of Verification.

6. There will always be more plausible explanations for religious experience than God. Discuss.

These are my six guesses for the A2 Philosophy examination questions this year. 1 is likely I would say because we have had miracles the least as a topic, and because there has never been a question on the different understandings of miracle. 2 because it hasn’t come around for a while, 3 has never come up – to be honest I’m not sure how a question on it would be phrased, but we have been told they can ask a question on anything on the spec, and its on…

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