Progress 8: Looks like Data Garbage to me.


I’ve been looking into the detail of Progress 8, following the DFE guidance that was published in March. Is it just me or is this a massive pile of data garbage? A house of cards of data validity dressed up to look rigorous?  I’m seriously worried that we’re being duped by the wizards of Data Delusion. I’m also hugely disappointed.  A while ago, I attended a Heads’ Roundtable gathering where DFE data-King Tim Leunig outlined the ideas behind Attainment 8 and Progress 8.  It all sounded pretty sensible: measures that encompass a broad range of subjects (not just five), where every grade counts (not just C+) and where progress against prior attainment would take priority over narrow benchmarks.

I’ve waited to see the details behind the mechanism and now that I have, I’m horrified.  It’s all so convoluted; so removed from what learning looks like, turning ‘Progress’ into some…

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