After Gove: Musings on teaching English Literature 5 (and final)

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Ok, so the whole bunch of boards have presented their draft offerings for our perusal. I am indebted to @Learningspy, David Didau for his table which puts them neatly into context:

His blog on this subject is, as ever, insightful and I am pleased to find that he seems to share many of my perspectives.

He also offered a rather good Didau list on twitter yesterday:

My prior thoughts can be found here: PLease feel free to browse these and take the time to look at David’s thoughts as well.

So I am left with mixed feelings.

Michael Gove has made it clear that he wishes to see more breadth in the new format GCSE Literature exam. One of the reasons for his much discussed “culling” of the non-British texts is that around 90% of students study a 75 page novella – Of Mice and Men as one…

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