The sacred and the profane

Finally, I have done it. Done what, you may ask (presuming there is a “you” out there). A blog with no content is not much of an achievement. True but I have definitely done something, I suppose I have “seen the light”, got the point. Blogs have been creeping up on me. They seem to have influence; people read them, so here it is, education: the sacred and the profane.

So first things first, what inspired the blog? Well other bloggers primarily, I started to read, David Didau,  Andrew Old, Alex Quigley, Joe Kirby and frankly I don’t agree with quite a lot of what they say.  However I love what they are doing, writing seriously about teaching, using evidence and giving practical examples. This is the starting point for the profession of teaching. I maybe courting controversy but I think that if teaching is to be considered a…

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