What works in one place won’t necessarily work somewhere else, but we do need a range of voices


I commented recently on a proposal to pay teachers from outstanding schools £10000 to work in schools which are struggling (See link below)


Even if it were possible to identifyoutstanding teachers, has any one stopped to think that they might be so because the culture of the schools they currently work in has enabled them to flourish? And that in another school with a different culture, they might struggle?

This comment received more likes than anything I have posted on Twitter. After all, how do we recognise outstanding teachers? Their relationships with pupils? Their results? Teachers who are successful in one institution are not necessarily going to be successful in another. And what does successful mean? I had good results in some years and less good results in others. Some teachers who responded to my tweet pointed out that their results went from good in one…

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Full time teacher for over 30 years - last 9 years as Head of Department. Broadly traditional - I support the idea of core knowledge - but disagree with scripted lessons! All views my own
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