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karen spencer

#Hashtag la revolutionGovernments, including here in New Zealand, frequently rely on OECD data to guide policy-making decisions. In recent years, that data has largely been from PISA (you can access the 2012 topline results for science, reading and maths here) and TALIS surveys. In the last few years, reliance on OECD data has come under scrutiny for being too narrow in its focus compared with the weight it is given at policy level.  For example, Hundreds of scholars criticise PISA (including those from NZ), The Pisa methodology: do its education claims stack up? and Does PISA still matter?

Encouragingly, there seems to be groundswell at the OECD to look at how their current programme might be reformed. I recently spoke with Prof. Barbara Ischinger and heard her talk about the need for the OECD to look more broadly at global competencies (see my post from #ConnectAU15), and they have been releasing interesting reports from their

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