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Reflections on Michaela School

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Originally posted on dhgenglishreflect:
My long awaited visit to Michaela on Friday was timely. It came at a time in my career when I am applying for Assistant Head jobs, considering exactly what I stand for and what I believe matters in…

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Can everything and anything be justified to be used in the classroom?

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Originally posted on missdcoxblog:
“… everything works somewhere and nothing works everywhere…” I have seen people on social media and in real life criticising the use of specific resources & ways of teaching. I’ve done it myself. However, whilst…

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Curriculum matters – a strategic plan

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Originally posted on @ragazza_inglese:
My slides from the Harris Academy October Conference. In this presentation, I gave an overview of the way a school/subject leader could begin thinking about the process of curriculum design. The initial slides represent my…

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Making practice-based teacher training comfortable & irresistable

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Originally posted on Improving Teaching:
I’ve been delivering initial teacher training for Teach for Sweden each summer since 2013.  Sessions have come a long way since my first attempts at practice-based training in that year.  I refined the activities after a…

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#TuckShop / #MathsConf8

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Originally posted on MathsTed:
Saturday 24th September… 1 week until #MathsConf8. Things still to do: 1) Organise TuckShop Off to Makro to purchase a wide selection of Sweets that will hopefully help raise funds for good causes. Car loaded. Job…

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Is this the best we can do? Part 5: hard work & homework

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Originally posted on mathagogy:
“No food without blood and sweat.” “Farmers are busy; farmers are busy; if farmers weren’t busy, where would grain to get through the winter come from?” “In winter, the lazy man freezes to death.” “Don’t depend…

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Is this the best we can do? Part 1: the problem

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Originally posted on mathagogy:
In 2014, 62.4% of teenagers sitting GCSE maths achieved at least a grade C – the ‘gold standard’ grade needed to progress onto a wide range of further study and employment. For the last 5 years, the pass…

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