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The superior nature of understanding


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Independence vs independent learning.

Having read Daisy Chistodoulou’s fabulously well-research, cogently argued and clearly expressed eBook Seven Myths About Education, some of my own thoughts on teacher talk and independent learning have started to coalesce… Continued in Independence vs independent learning..

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Conclusive evidence on reform maths, perhaps

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Testing & assessment – have we been doing the right things for the wrong reasons?

A curious peculiarity of our memory is that things are impressed better by active than by passive repetition. I mean that in learning (by heart, for example), when we almost know the piece, it pays better to wait and recollect … Continue reading

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Myth Five – We should teach transferable skills

Originally posted on The Wing to Heaven:
This blog post summarises chapter 5 of my book Seven Myths about Education. It will be published on March 5th 2014 by Routledge. To read the introduction to this sequence of posts, click…

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frenchteacher: Is translation making a comeback?

frenchteacher: Is translation making a comeback?: The recently published subject document for GCSE modern languages includes, as did the KS3 programme of study, a reference to translation, t…

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A Maths Teacher writes…

Originally posted on Scenes From The Battleground:
This comment appeared below the line on my reblog of Joe Kirby’s review of Daisy Christodoulou’s book “Seven Myths about Education”. It refers to that book and the analogy of educational methods as…

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