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Lifecan only beunderstood backwards;butitmustbelived forwards. Søren Kierkegaard

An ongoing (light-hearted) bone of inter-generational contention in this family is, “You’ll be the same when you’re my age…”. I am not that deterministic in my own outlook, but I can accept that life has its phases that may not differ very much between individuals, even if their individual expression or experience does.

It seems to be that as one ages, one tends to spend more time thinking back over past experiences; perhaps this is not so surprising, as hindsight is a wonderful thing, and allows a degree of interpretation that was not possible at the time. If only it were otherwise, in our professional lives, where being in one’s later career often seems to equate to growing cynicism.

Approaching my late fifties, this certainly seems to be true for me, though it is perhaps more in sadness than anything bitter. It was…

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I offer short courses in the basics of Critical Thinking to small groups. I am a former teacher with 30 years' experience. I taught CT to 'A' Level for a significant period.
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