Faff vs slick practice – why an experience with Direct Instruction should be the entitlement of every SCITT student

The Quirky Teacher

This blog is about maths, but you could easily extrapolate the principles considered to any subject.

I knew that sequencing core content, explicit instruction, plenty of practice and frequent, low-stakes testing constitutes some of that gold standard of education – the evidence proves it and also, let’s face it, it’s common sense. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of causing an entire school to fall silent as every pupil eagerly completes a weekly number fact and arithmetic maths test, striving for a PB. Nothing compares to walking around and seeing the furious concentration, the manifestation of cogs whirring in the mind, and then in later observations you start to see snappier responses and explanations from pupils ‘because I know X, I know Y’ and so forth. However, even I wasn’t prepared for the dramatic recalibration that would take place in my mind when implementing Direct Instruction (Connecting Maths Concepts).

Sure, I’ve…

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