The EYFS butterfly and the storm in Year Seven

The Quirky Teacher

As promised, this is a write up of my talk given at researchED Northampton, researchED London and for teachers at Yare Academy Trust.


Screenshot 2019-10-19 at 8.35.46 AM - Edited

As an evidence-informed educator who has managed to gain/wangle experience of working with all age groups, I’ve lately come to the conclusion that many behavioural and academic problems witnessed in children who enter secondary school have their origins in early home and school life. I had a conversation with a research supervisor (a forensic psychologist) recently and it was almost cathartic to be aligned in reasoning – differences between newborns are almost minute, and, for whatever reason, those tiny differences are amplified in early life and tend to continue unabated. We talked about the taboo of differing parenting approaches and how that impacted; this will be another blog for when I summon up the courage and feel that it is safe to write about it. The…

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