Fourteen Educational Myths

The Traditional Teacher

I am sometimes reminded by conversations with other teachers that there are educational myths which refuse to go away. We have to keep reminding ourselves that they are myths, or they begin to resurface and undermine our effectiveness. Here are a few which seem to be particularly persistent:

Myth 1: You remember things better when you find them out for yourself

Discovery learning only works when you are already an expert. At school level, pupils need fully guided instruction. This is because the process of discovery overloads working memory, preventing the retention of material in long-term memory. Pupils can be intensively engaged in project-based learned for hours and retain nothing whatsoever in long-term memory.

Myth 2: You learn best in your preferred learning style

This is one of the most persistent edu-myths. We may prefer certain ways of learning over others, but this does not mean they are the most…

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