Did I damage my own children by teaching them too early?

The Quirky Teacher

EYFS is in the spotlight at the moment and there is plenty of discussion around the extent to which we should let nature or nurture dominate a pre-school and reception year child’s early academic and social life. Most are in the nature camp with their commitment to choice, play-based provision as the ideal way for children to learn, whereas I’m in the nurture camp with a belief that if a child does not know (how to do) something that the majority can do, it’s because it needs to be taught or modeled in a friendly and no-nonsense way and then for that knowledge to be embedded via plenty of practice/experience. Of course, I then have to defend myself when experts assume practice = sitting down all day writing. When analysing this difference in opinion, the main issue does seem to come down to the concept of practice to automaticity and…

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