Notes on behaviour: an honest, primary perspective

The Quirky Teacher

Trigger warning: contains references to feminism

After reading Greg’s latest notes on approaches to behaviour (in which I always learn something new), I thought I’d offer up a few notes from a primary perspective. The most important message here is that I believe nurseries and primary schools have a bigger potential influence on pupils’ behaviour than secondary or further education.  This is not just because younger pupils are less obstreperous than teenagers, but because the window of ‘wanting to impress the adults’ is mostly open during nursery and primary years and closes towards the back end of primary school (starting in year 4, I reckon). After that, the window of ‘wanting to impress peers’ opens up in its place and then teachers and leaders have to get round this other dimension whereby getting a rise out of an adult can become a deliberate act to raise one’s status (later on…

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