A tale of two boys

The Quirky Teacher

While it’s great to celebrate the amazing GCSE results of schools such as MCS, I wonder whether the Progress 8 measurement sends the wrong kind of signal to the ‘system’ in that it implies secondary schools can close the ‘gap’ during KS3 and KS4 which kind of lets primary schools and nurseries off the hook, to the detriment of many young people who could do so much better. To illustrate the point I’m making, I’m going to write about the academic trajectories of two 16 year old boys I know very well. Both are decent people – not perfect, but kind, honest and hard-working. Boy A got mostly 8s and 9s in his GCSEs, with a couple of 7s thrown in for good measure. Boy B got mostly 3s and, thank goodness, managed to secure 4s and 5s in his English and Maths results.

Boy A’s academic background:

Many years…

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