Engelmann’s ‘Teaching Needy Kids in Our Backward System’ (another synopsis)

The Quirky Teacher

Inspired by the success of my synopsis of E.D Hirsch’s ‘Why Knowledge Matters’ and responding to a friend’s desire to read S. Engelmann’s ‘Teaching Needy Kids in Our Backward System’, I thought I’d read the book on my Kindle and make notes for you all. This was a mistake because a Kindle doesn’t show you how large a book is and this tome ended up taking a couple of days of reading and note taking (peaking at 10,000 words), before re-organising for a blog. I quickly realised that I had bitten off more than I can chew, but I couldn’t very well give up. I hope at least one person reads this.

Screenshot 2019-07-23 at 8.39.03 PM - EditedForeword to notes: The book is Zig Engelmann’s write-up of the build-up to, history and aftermath of Project Follow Through (PFT), the largest and most definitive educational experiment ever conducted. It involved 180 over 200,000 at-risk…

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