What do inference, creativity, problem solving and happiness have in common?

The Quirky Teacher

They’re all outcomes, the final performance. The evidence-informed among us know that you can’t get better at the final performance by just practising the final performance. And this whole blog is about how I believe that applies to ‘happiness’ too. So many in education are coming round to the sensible position that you cannot get better at being creative by trying to be creative – you’ve got to have something to be creative with and to think about in novel ways. This is the substance of the curriculum, that gift of knowledge, passed from curriculum leader and teacher to the pupil. It occurs to me that we also need to look again at the common ‘truth’ that we will make children and young adults happy by letting them practise being happy as often as possible.

This is a big one. Many enlightened educators with younger children about to start primary…

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