How can a five year old manage this expectation?

The Quirky Teacher

A few months ago, I decided to learn Arabic. I’m just about able to fight the urge to procrastinate when it comes to retrieval practice, but it is still really difficult to learn. It’s like I’m five years old again and it’s a fascinating experience because it tells me so much, first hand, about why phonics is really important. There’s something else that became apparent when I first learned how to form the letters – I just couldn’t practice my letter formation when people were talking and moving around me. Funnily enough, it’s the same when I am trying to read simple sentences because I have to concentrate so much to sound out in my head and blend and I am so unbelievably slow that I have to go over and over the same sentence in order to a) work out how it sounds and then b) work out what…

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