Evidence-informed teaching

Filling the pail

The working title of my book was The Truth about Teaching: An evidence-based guide for new teachers. I changed ‘evidence-based’ to ‘evidence-informed’ prior to publication.

I think we can perhaps agree that education as enacted across the English-speaking world is not generally evidence-based, but the question is whether it could be. Perhaps it is just a case of making teachers aware of the existing evidence? Although I am committed to doing this, I don’t think we actually have anything to inform teachers about that is as solid as the term ‘evidence-based’ implies.

Why is this? Many, perhaps most, education studies are methodologically flawed, with many sources of confound and bias. To counter this, the Education Endowment Foundation was founded in the UK in 2011 to run large-scale randomised controlled trials. However, its insistence on mainly comparing doing something with doing nothing means that you can pretty accurately summarise the…

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