Behaving fast and slow

Filling the pail

Have you ever been caught speeding? If so, why? Did you make a conscious decision to drive faster than the speed limit? Did you disagree with the speed limit, believing it to be too slow? Or maybe it wasn’t a conscious decision. Maybe you were late for an appointment, or perhaps you drifted away for a moment, mulling over an issue at work as the needle drifted up the dial?

The fundamental attribution error suggests that other people will tend to view your bad behaviour as a reflection of your conscious decisions, whereas the likelihood is that it has been affected a great deal by circumstance.

In his 2011 bestseller, Daniel Kahneman posited the existence of two mental systems for decision making – a fast, intuitive ‘System 1’ and a slow, deliberative ‘System 2’. In deploying System 1, we perhaps engage schemas from long-term memory without bringing them fully…

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