The Problem With ‘Woke’ Teachers


I don’t just use Twitter for teaching. I use it for news. I use it to discuss sport. Sometimes I use it as a form of journaling. My Twitter feed is different to most teachers in that I don’t care about maintaining a professional image. Sometimes, I get too annoyed about things and go over the top. Sometimes, I write things that I delete the next morning.  Following criticism of the PrimaryRocks line-up, I wrote this:

54456465That is one of the most perfect tweets I’ve ever written and I stand by every single word.

There is a certain group of “woke” teachers that are doing my head in.

This is not a blog about #WomenEd, or groups encouraging BAME teachers to get into leadership and into the speaker circuit. This isn’t about those who politely questioned why the keynote speakers didn’t contain any women or BAME teachers. It’s about a…

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