This is what happens when teachers find their voice

Filling the pail

One of the most obvious signs that teachers are starting to take control of the education agenda is when there is resistance from the establishment. There are hints that we are approaching this state in Australia, but we are way behind England in terms of teacher voice. Now, a new development involving Ofsted, the English schools’ inspectorate, may point to things to come.

Ofsted regularly reviews the criteria that it uses to inspect schools. The latest review refocused Ofsted on the curriculum and to help with this, they recruited a number of subject experts to advise them. Intrepid investigative journalist, Warwick Mansell, most famous for campaigning against the UK government’s* academies programme, presumably lodged a freedom of information request with Ofsted, giving him access to the names of these advisers. I am a little sketchy about the details because his blog sits behind a paywall, but Debra Kidd helpfully posted…

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