The scandal you won’t read about in the @tes

Filling the pail

The Times Educational Supplement or TES, a UK trade newspaper, has a new campaign. Its head of content, Ed Dorrell, has mounted his trusty horse and gallantly gone into battle against the baddies of Outwood Grange Academies Trust. The original allegations that prompted this investigation, published in a blog post that did not name the trust, include the claim that children were being identified by school leaders prior to assemblies and then being made to cry in those assemblies by being shouted at. If true, this is a truly horrible thing to do to young people.

Dorrell and his team have not been able to substantiate this allegation, but they have found a number of sources that suggest that teachers use ‘intense shouting’. They have even found a source who complained about an edict against teachers in the trust jumping the queue in the dinner hall. Imagine. In response, the…

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